Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sun, Moon, Sky

The last few weeks, I have been fascinated with the colors in the sky at dawn and dusk. Capturing these images on camera was something that always seemed to allude me, since I never really understood photography more than my point-and-shoot camera. A few hours with an online photography class had me finally understand how all the parts work. Well, I should say, it began my understanding of the elements of photography. Before now, the mere mention of the terms 'apperture', 'ISO', or 'F-stop' would have me staring into the horizon, confused. Now, I have the basics, and though I cannot rattle off the definitions of each like a pro, if I take a few moments to really think about it, I remember what ISO means. Much practice is still needed.

The best part is that my level of skill is inching closer to the level of complexity offered by the new camera I purchased last
year that I just had to have. Sometimes you have to buy the car before you know how to drive so it prods you into finally learning.

Moonrise and sunrise occurring in tandem step.

Sunset view from my back fence.
Glorious pink and orange skies almost make you forget the pesky power lines
cutting through the shot.

I have tried all week to come up with a post that had some witty or insightful view of something that crossed my path this week, but nothing worthy seemed to bubble up this time. The week began with heartbreaking news from a friend on the other side of the world, and my mind has been preoccupied with thoughts of her and the twist her life has taken. 

I have also continued to read many blog posts where the writer has chosen their 'word of the year.' My word for 2014 was 'open' and it served me well as I embarked on my first full year writing here, and, frankly, writing in general with any consistency. Open was a good mantra and a good description of 2014.

But 2015? Well, that has left me stumped. Others say that one's word usually finds the person rather than the other way around. Open made its way to my life in an unlikely manner, and I wished for a 2015 word to do the same. It has not yet. Maybe this year won't have a word, but just a feeling. Believe me, a feeling for this year is definitely making itself known to me. It has something to do with not giving a -- , well, perhaps somethings are better left unsaid. Meanwhile, this is sort of where I am these days . . . . 

She danced along the rivers
knew the trees one by one.
She bathed amid the moonlight
and serenaded the sun.
She swam in flowers, luscious;
shot arrows at the clouds.
She drank up cups of starlight 
and lived her dream, unbowed.
(c) Rita Herrmann, 2015


  1. Hello my dear dear friend. Your photos are stunning! And your poem leaves me without words. Thank you for your love, your prayers and your thoughts xo

  2. Ahhh, photography! Love your pics!


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