Friday, May 9, 2014

The Little Things

Raindrops on a tin roof.

The soft flutter of pear tree blossoms on a spring breeze.

Laughing so hard with a friend that we cannot catch our breath.

Driving the back roads on a summer day, windows down and radio up.

The sound of snowfall on a crisp winter night.

Receiving a handwritten letter in the mailbox.

So much of my life has been focused on the big moments -- graduate college, get a promotion at work, take a vacation to a faraway place -- all worth the work to achieve, though the shine wears off rather quickly, leaving me searching for the next hurdle to conquer. It has been an exhausting pursuit, pushed so hard and so fast at times, I took no opportunity to see what I rushed past in the day-to-day. Those small moments, like the ones listed above, waiting along the daily route of our lives are were the nectar is, the sweetness to life, and can fuel our spirits along our paths. 

Saturday mornings are my favorite part of the week, thought an outsider might view it as unexciting. The dogs awake me early -- at the same time as we wake during the work week because they do not know the difference -- and we all answer the call of nature. I prepare their breakfast, get them fresh water, and clean the sleep from their eyes. Still dark outside, I head to the couch, fluff a pillow, turn on the television, and lay down for a couple more hours of rest before beginning the day. I settle into the couch where the dogs soon join me, and as if choreographed, take their places in our Saturday morning nest. Stella curls into the crook of my leg while George lays lengthwise along on my side, resting his head on my shoulder. It is quite the sight. We flip to channel 28 and watch Law and Order reruns, knowing Sam Waterston will keep the bad guys at bay.

Goals and big moments are wonderful and necessary, and when achieved can give us a feeling of accomplishment known only few times in life. But life -- the beautiful tapestry of life that happens every day -- is made in the small moments. It is made when we share a laugh with a friend, hold the door for a stranger, enjoy a sunset, and hug someone we love. In my house, the most important time of the week happens in those few hours on the couch with my furry children, spending time, catching up, and knowing our connection to each other. We recognize the little things, and in that recognition, they become the biggest things.


  1. Rita, Your post set the tone for my Saturday, and I thank you. The little comforts of routine, where life is ordinary and extraordinary at the at the same time, give us a foundation to work toward all those big accomplishments. You are absolutely right in your take on life - those steadfast connections and the happenings of every day life make for a well-lived life. I enjoyed visiting your blog.

    1. Hello Donna ! Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to read my little ramblings here. This morning turned out just as described, without thought and steeped in comfort. :-)


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