Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shoes of Intent

Several years ago I attended the funeral of a well-known local lady who was loved by many and respected by all. The impression she made on her daughter-in-law was evident in the words spoken during the eulogy for her mother-in-law, Vivian. She described a strong woman who had known adversity but did not let it stand in the way of her life.

Vivian was always dressed impeccably, every day of her life, never having one of those days I have so frequently when sweatpants and a t-shirt will do. Vivian always wore a dress or a suit and carried herself like a lady, stepping through each day with purpose. Her signature style was complemented by her unwavering ability to make those around her feel both comfortable and important. Her friends and family always knew when she had arrived because of the approaching click-click-click of her red shoes, the color she always donned.

Later in life when Vivian was waning in her years, her daughter-in-law spoke with her about her life and lessons. It was during these intimate conversations between the generations when the younger understood why Vivian always wore red shoes . . . because she was going places.


  1. This story makes me want to go out and get a pair of Red Shoes!

    1. I wish I could effectively describe the way Marcie (the daughter-in-law) spoke the words, "She wore red shoes because she was going places." She had a smile and a confident tone in her delivery, slowing a bit on the last four words for emphasis. It has stuck with me ever since (and prompted me to buy several pair of red shoes as well).


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